Local Goverment, Migration, Integration

Recent research Projects

Research is one of the two main tools used by ELIAMEP to achieve its objectives. It is conducted in the form of individual or team projects by specialised research fellows and associates and involves, not only “mapping the field”, but also identifying and developing alternative future scenarios and formulating corresponding realistic policy recommendations. In recent years ELIAMEP has accumulated significant experience and expertise in research related to migration.

Current research projects are:

The research programme: “Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by boat” aims to assess the impact of policy interventions developed under emergency conditions across the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy and Malta).

The research programme: “Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis” (MEDMIG) explores the complex and dynamic forces that underpin the very rapid changes in migration patterns currently being seen in the Mediterranean region.

Since 2010 ELIAMEP is the national coordinator for Greece at the European Website on Integration. The website is an initiative of the European Commission under the responsibility of the Directorate-General Home Affairs.

For more informations on previous research projects please visit: http://www.eliamep.gr/en/research/