Local Goverment, Migration, Integration


The project LOMIGRAS has the following objectives:

(1) To explore the extent to which local government policies and measures mainstream integration principles, and assess their effectiveness in promoting the integration of migrant groups in Greece’s four largest cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Herakleio and Patras.

(2) To develop a methodology on the basis of which to monitor and assess the integration of immigrants in five policy areas in which local government in involved and/or has competences: employment, social inclusion, education, combatting discrimination, and civic participation.

(3) To create a technological interactive tool that embeds this methodology and criteria for monitoring and assessing local migrant integration.

(4) To present and disseminate the integration monitoring tool to local government authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other stakeholders, thereby raising awareness for the need to explicitly introduce integration objectives in the horizontal formulation and implementation of general local government policies, and

(5) To formulate recommendations and best practices for promoting local integration policy management of migrant groups across Greece.